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Welcome to Lynx Soccer!

We hope you will enjoy your experience with our program and the benefits it has to offer. Our purpose is to provide the participants with the opportunity to develop soccer skills, participate in practice and game situations, develop sportsmanship and mostly, have fun!

Soccer at LCS is generally offered to students in grades 6-8 who are interested in interscholastic competition. Our teams compete in the Busline League which includes 20 schools in mid-coast Maine extending from Woolwich to Searsport. Athletes are expected to be available to practice and play five or occasionally six days per week throughout the regular season. The Busline League sponsors tournaments at the conclusion of the regular season in each sport. All teams are invited to participate in the tournaments and a champion is crowned. The league also promotes good sportsmanship by awarding banners to the schools that are recognized by their opponents to be outstanding representatives of their school and community.

All players must register through this site. Call 207-357-6017 for assistance.

Active Seasons

Program SeasonLast Date Before Late FeeLast Date to RegisterAction
Soccer2019 Fall2019-09-132019-09-06Go!


[Sep 16 2019]   LCS on top again

            It was another good day for the Lynx of Lincolnville on their own pitch as they hosted the scrappy South Bristol Mariners and came out on top by a score of 5 to 1.  As has happened in every game so far this year, the Lynx jumped off to an early start when midfielder Mason Clark sent a bouncer out to winger Jaden Johnson on the right.  Johnson literally popped the ball up and over a Mariner defender, swung around her and sent a shot arching over the keeper’s outstretched hands to land just inside the far post for the tally at the 2:24 mark.  The next to tickle the nets was striker Owen McManus with 5:03 gone.  McManus started it off by finding open space in the center of the South Bristol box and sending in a shot that caromed off the keeper to Johnson.  Johnson immediately sent an angling shot back in, and although the keeper tipped the ball, McManus was in the perfect spot to nail the ball in.  It took another 54 seconds before Clark hammered a nice corner kick into the center of the box in front of the nets where McManus was ready to angle the shot home.  Finally, at 8:33, a short header clear by the Mariners went to midfielder Nathan Oxley who headed the ball right back and over the keeper for the last score of the quarter. 

            One thing you can say for the Mariners, they do not give up.  It was a much more evenly played second half with both sides staging a number of surges into the other team’s defensive end.  South Bristol got on the boards first when their attempt was deflected in by the LCS defense for an own goal at 36:52.  The Lynx got it back with 48:20 gone when winger Maren Johnson sent a pass into winger Thomas Pickford who controlled the ball, took a quick dribble to set up his shot, and cleanly beat the keeper to end the scoring.  It was a fine effort by both teams as they played their hearts out until the final whistle.

[Sep 13 2019]   Lynx strike again in Jefferson

            Lincolnville traveled Friday, September 13th, to Jefferson on a lovely sunny day and triumphed 7 to 1.  Things got started early when winger Jaden Johnson drove deep on the right side and crossed a ball in that the keeper tipped but could not catch.  When it came down behind the keeper, striker Owen McManus was Johnny-on-the-spot to block the ball into the net from close range at the 0:23 mark, beating the previous LCS record for quickest opening goal by one second (though not the fastest goal from a kickoff).  It took an additional eight minutes before the Lynx were able to record another tally started by stopper Liam Day-Lynch stealing the ball from a Jefferson midfielder in LCS’s offensive end and feeding winger Mikayla Talbot on the left.  Talbot drove the left line and centered a ball past the keeper’s outstretched hands to find McManus who again blocked the ball in.  The LCS eleven then seemed to slack off some which allowed the Jefferson team to drive deeply and dangerously into the Lynx’s end forcing keeper Avery Luft—who until that point had not touched the ball—to make a number of saves.  Lincolnville finally got back on track with 23:12 gone when midfielder Nathan Oxley stripped a defender of the ball, fought and dribbled through two more opponents to break free behind the defense, and finished with a powerful shoot past the keeper.  Ending the Lynx's scoring for the half at 21:30 was Johnson after corralling a pass from midfielder Sage Burgess.  She drove the left side beating all the coverage and finished with a shot high to the back post.  It was Jefferson’s turn next at 26:13 following a pushing call in the box.  The Jefferson shooter hit a well-positioned penalty kick that Luft had no chance to save.

            LCS struck early in the second half—at the 32:11 mark—when Oxley fed a pretty pass to Talbot who drove the left into the clear, angled in towards the goal, and again sent a cross into McManus who caught the goalie cross footed by unexpectedly sending his shot to the near post as the keeper moved towards the far post.  A minute and ten seconds later, Johnson received a feed, again from the busy Oxley, and followed it with a long shot in that fooled the keeper.  Next was earned by Luft, now playing midfield, who received a pass just over centerfield from midfielder Thomas Pickford and used a combination of skilled dribbling and blazing speed to blow by the entire Jefferson defense to go in alone on the helpless keeper.  His fine finish to the keeper’s right concluded the scoring.  Luft was assisted in goal by Mason Clark, and Roo Boetsch, Canyon Palise, L. Day-Lynch, and Chloe Day-Lynch played their usual stalwart defense to turn aside most of Jefferson’s thrusts into the LCS end. 

[Sep 11 2019]   Lynx defeat Nobleboro

            Despite a strong but brief rain, the Lincolnville booters dug in to deliver a dominating 5 to 1 win against the Nobleboro Lions on Wednesday, September 11th, at the Lincolnville pitch.  As the weather cleared up, the Lynx began to put on the pressure scoring their first at 4:11.  That came when the defense sent a pass up to midfielder Mason Clark who drove forward before sending a fine pass to winger Jaden Johnson on the right.  Johnson took one dribble to set the pass up and then squared the ball across the mouth of the goal to winger Mikayla Talbot who punched a short one into the nets.  A minute-and-a-half later, a virtual repeat was staged with Johnson driving to the right corner and again sending a solid cross to Talbot on the left who punched another one in.  Things were pretty quiet until 21:01 gone when stopper Liam Day-Lynch drove the middle with striker Owen McManus paralleling him and slightly ahead.  Day-Lynch sent a perfectly timed through pass that McManus was able to catch on the fly allowing him to drive in alone on the goal.  He finished with a simple grounder slid just inside the far post.  Two minutes and 20 seconds later, a fluke goal occurred when the Lions’ keeper was unable to hold onto a shot and McManus was positioned to easily slip the loose ball in the open net.  Then with 40 seconds left in the half, Nobleboro got on the board when LCS keeper Avery Luft was unable to hold onto a hard shot and a Lions’ player popped the rebound in for the tally.

            The second half only produced two more, the first at 38:26 when McManus, now playing stopper, drove forward and sent a pass to Talbot on the left.  Talbot made a nice move to dump her coverage, angled in towards the goal, and tucked her earning shot inside the far post to complete her hat trick.  Finally, Day-Lynch, now playing striker received a pass in the middle of the box from midfielder Mason Clark and converted with a firm shot to the far post.

            Avery Luft once again had a fine day in the nets, with Roo Boetsch firmly anchoring the defense in front of him at sweeper.  Canyon Palise and Chloe Day-Lynch completed the defensive unit which helped keep any really significant trouble from occurring in front of Luft.  Next up for the Lynx is Jefferson, playing away this Friday.

[Sep 10 2019]   Enthusiastic Lynx start with a win

            The Lincolnville Lynx started their season off on a very positive note on Monday, September 9th, defeating Searsport 4-0 at Searsport on a cool, cloudy day.  The teams started off reasonably evenly matched although LCS was able to establish a clear possession advantage from the beginning of the game.  As a result, it took the Lynx a while to get untracked with their first tally coming at the 19:07 mark when midfielder Mason Clark corralled the ball in the box, broke out past the Searsport forwards, drove the tight sideline past the Vikings’ midfielders all the way into the offensive end, and centered to striker Owen McManus who one touched the ball past the keeper.  It only took one minute and 31 seconds more before the second goal was recorded.  This came unassisted from winger Jaden Johnson who gained possession on the right, dribbled center, cut through the defense, and nailed a short, sharp shot to the back of the net.  Searsport staged a rally towards the end of the half forcing keeper Avery Luft to make several alert saves to preserved the shutout.

            LCS opened the scoring in the second half with 38:57 gone when Luft, now playing sweeper, sent a long pass up to McManus who controlled the ball and sent it out to the right to Johnson.  She beat one defender with a dribble before sending a cross right to the foot of an open Mikayla Talbot—playing the opposite wing—who had found a hole in the defense on the far side of the goal.  Talbot calmly tipped the ball into the open net.  Finally, Clark added an unassisted goal to his assist at 48:38 when he snagged the ball just outside the box and drove through the defense.  As he emerged in the clear, he found a sliding keeper coming at him and quickly chipped the ball up, over, and into the net.

            Roo Boetsch, playing keeper during the second half, shared the shutout honors with Luft, and Liam Day-Lynch, Chloe Day-Lynch, and Canyon Palise along with various other substitutes provided the necessary defensive skills to support the keepers’ efforts.  Even more impressive than the score, however, was the enthusiasm that the entire team brought to the game, which is likely to stand them in good stead as they continue throughout the season.

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