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Cross Country

Cross Country

Cross Country at LCS is a great option for athletes in grades 4-8 who wish to participate in interscholastic running. LCS is a member of the Busline League, a consortium of elementary and middle schools ranging geographically from Woolwich to Searsport including the island communities of Islesboro and Vinalhaven.

Active Seasons

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[Oct 12 2017]   Lynx Shine in Championship Meet

All one can ask of an athlete is that they do their best. That is precisely what the vast majority of the members of the LCS cross country team did at the most important meet of the year where twenty nine of our runners, a very impressive 81%, ran for a personal best!

In the first race our young boys team made a strong showing. Fourth grade phenom Thomas Leadbetter once again led the way for LCS completing the 2.1 mile Medomak course in a time of  14:49, 46 seconds faster than he ran the same course just two weeks ago. Kaden Wood (15:44), Iain Larsen-Leavins (15:45), Avery Laite (16:00), Jack Fishman (16:16), and Sage Burgess (16:34) rounded out the scoring. Personal bests were scored by Sage Burgess, Liam Day-Lynch, Wilder Haskins, Avery Laite, Nolan Ames, Shea MacMillian, Isaac Payne, Ward Morrison, and Thomas Leadbetter.

Running in the second race, the girls went down to the wire in a bid to make it three championships in a row. In the end CRMS was able to hold on. Kara Andrews (14:17) finished in second place overall and Jaden Johnson (14:28) clocked 3rd.Both  Zoe O'Brien (15:02) and Kailin Fuller (15:12) cracked the top ten with 6th and 8th place finishes. Alma Bournival (15:37) and our other very talented 4th grader Liana Talty (15:39) helped lead the charge. It should be noted that both Alma and Kailin were recently on crutches, and as little as a week ago Kailin was sporting a walking cast, yet somehow they both found it within themselves to run for a personal best when it counted the most! Joining these first six with a personal best run were Kaya and Leona Bournival, Chloe Day-Lynch, Chloe Root, Rose Fishman, Maren Johnson, Izzy Kinney, Ava MacMillan, Ava Mallow, Allie Morse, Grace Moody,  Lucy O'Brien, Maggie O'Brien, and Maddie Payne.

Complete results are posted to the right.


[Oct 05 2017]   LCS Home Meet - Girls Win, Boys 3rd

On a near perfect day for a run the LCS Cross Country Team made the most of their opportunities.

In the first race the Lynx boys put together a great team effort against some stiff competition and, in the end, put enough runners across the line to rack up a great result. First across the line was rookie runner Thomas Leadbetter with his best run of the year placing 10th with a time of 16:13. Thomas was trailed by Kaden Wood (17:04) IN 13th, Iain Larsen-Leavins (17:46),  Sage Burgess (17:47), and Avery Laite (18:31) rounding out the top five times. Scoring a total of 83 points, the LCS boys snuck in just ahead of Searsport and Troy Howard by two and five points respectively.

The girls racked up another first place finish and saw the Jaden Johnson win her first race joining Kara Andrews and Kailin Fuller as LCS girls who have notched an individual win this year. Johnson (15:47) crossed just ahead of teammate Kara Andrews (15:50) and well ahead of the rest of the field. Zoe O'Brien (17:00) continued to be one of the team's steadiest performers with her 4th place finish. The LS scoring was rounded out by two of the team's younger members, Liana Talty (17:20) in 6th, and Chloe Root (18:08) for 10th place. Chloe Day-Lynch (18:56) had another fine outing in 15th place, followed closely by Sophie Baker (19:01) Allie Morse (19:08, and Lucy O'Brien (19:09). 

The teams are looking forward to the Busline League Championship Meet being held at Medomak Middle School next Wednesday afternoon. The boys will run first at 3:45 PM.

[Oct 03 2017]   Good Results at Medomak

   Both the boys and girls showed continued improvement at Medomak Middle School last week. Although the times were an age in coming, team members were generally quite happy with the results.

In the girls race, despite missing two top runners, we still finished a strong second to CRMS by a score of 35 to 27. Leading the way for LCS was Kara Andrews who was second overall with a time of 14:35. Kara was followed closely by Jaden Johnson (14:47) in 3rd place, and Zoe O'Brien (15:38), good for 5th. Two of our younger runners, Liana Talty (16:07) and Sophie Baker (16:56) each had sensational runs, scoring in 11th and 14th place respectively. Also of note for the Lynx were Chloe Root (17:24) and Chloe Day-Lynch (17:45) who each posted personal bests. Maren Johnson, Allie Morse, Lizzie Larsen-Leavins, and Lucy O'Brien also joined their team mates who finished in the top 25. There were a total of 68 runners in the field on the 2.1 mile course.

For the boys, the leader of the pack was once again Kaden Wood who finished in 18th place with a time of 15:11. Thomas Leadbetter (15:33), Jack Fishman (16:06), Iain Larsen-Leavins (16:14), and Sage Burgess (16:59) rounded out the scoring for LCS. The boys finished in 4th place overall. A total of seven schools were represented at the meet.

The next meet will be held on Thursday, October 5th at home. The boys will run first at 4:00 PM.

[Sep 25 2017]   Lynx Run a Tough Course and Excel

One could not have asked for a more beautiful day to cross Penobscot Bay from Lincolnville Beach to Islesboro to run a race. The LCS Cross Country Team took full advantage of the opportunity by showing continued improvement as the march forward towards the Busline League Championship Meet goes on.

In the first race Kaden Wood once again showed is ability to lead by example posting a time of 15:08, good for 5th place overall against some very stiff competition. Kaden was followed closely by Micah Fagonde (15:57), Iain Larsen-Leavins (16:28), Thomas Leadbetter (16:34), Avery Laite (16:47), and Nolan Ames (17:57). The team finished second to a very good Medomak team by a score of 23 to 34. This was a very good result for our young team!

The girls began the race with two of their top five runners on crutches. In the end it made little difference as the younger runners stepped up and helped deliver another solid win. Kara Andrews (14:42) was the first racer to cross the line followed closely by Jaden Johnson (14:54) and Zoe O'Brien (15:36). The team scoring was rounded out by fourth grader Liana Talty (16:57) and fifth grader Sophie Baker (16:59) who battled to the end with an exciting sprint to the line. Allie Morse and Chloe Day Lynch, both (18:04) also had photo finish for 7th and 8th place respectively. The girls won the race by a score of 17 to 46.

Complete results are posted to the right. The next meet is at Medomak Middle School on Thursday, 9/28.

[Sep 15 2017]   Girls Prevail, Boys Show Strong at Boothbay

The LCS girls had another very strong result on the very challenging 2.3 mile course at Boothbay Harbor placing a total of six runners in the top ten in a field of seventy two competitors. Once again Kailin Fuller (17:25) and Kara Andrews (17:28) led the pack from start to finish. Jaden Johnson (18:28) and Zoe O'Brien (18:43) were not far behind in 4th and 6th place. Alma Bournival (19:13) rounded out the scoring with an 8th place finish. Liana Talty (19:43), another of the talented younger Lynx runners posted in 10th place. The girls team overall ran an extremely impressive race. With a total of  23 runners participating they were described by one observer as, "a sea of Lincolnville."

The young boys team also had a strong showing. Jack Fishman ((17:36), in his first race, racked up 10th place. Kaden Wood (17:50) and Thomas Leadbetter (18:27), also racing for the first time, both ran the curse in under eight minutes per mile. Iain Larsen-Levins (19:29) and Avery Laite (19:46) also scored for LCS.

Complete race results are posted to the right.

The Lynx run next at Islesboro on Saturday, September 23rd. 

[Sep 08 2017]   Lynx off to a Start Strong

Both the boys and girls cross country teams began the season on a high note.

In the first meet of the season, held at Camden Hills, the young boys team finished in third place behind Boothbay and CRMS. Kaden Wood ran the 2.15 mile course in a time of 16:41, good for 10th place. Following closely behind were Micah Fagonde (17:27), Avery Laite (18:28), Iain Larsen-Levins (18:37), Sage Burgess (19:06). All in all, not a bad first race!

The girls team ran a typical LCS style race placing a large pack of runners in the top ten. Kailin Fuller (16:14) and Kara Andrews (16:16) battled it out in the home stretch for 2nd and 3rd place overall. Not far behind were the 4th and 5th place runners, Jaden Johnson (16:53) and Zoe O’Brien (17:15). Rounding out the scoring for the girls was Sophie Baker (18:46 in 9th place overall., giving the Lynx five runners in the top ten. The girls team scored a total of 23 points, good enough for first place.

Complete results are posted to the right.

We look forward to the return of our 8th graders, who were unavailable for the meet due to their participation in our program at KIEVE. The next meet is Thursday 9/14 at Boothbay. The girls will run first at 4:00 PM.

[Oct 13 2016]   CHAMPIONS AGAIN! Lynx Girls are Busline League’s Best for Second Strait Year!

    In cross country the first five runners from each team to cross the finish line receive the points that correspond to their place. The first place runner receives one point, the second place runner two, and so on. The team receiving the lowest score wins. The Lynx girls focused their efforts on team at yesterday’s Busline League Championship meet.  Utilizing a classic strategy of running as a pack, LCS placed five runners among the top finishers as they crossed the line consecutively in the seventh through eleventh positions, and just for good measure, had a sixth runner, the potential tie breaker, in fifteenth place. This earned the team a total of forty five points and a first place finish. Camden-Rockport Middle School places second with sixty two points. One hundred and five girls ran the race.

   Twenty two girls ran for the LCS which includes runners from Hope Elementary and Northport.

   There was no lack of excitement in the boy’s race either. Linconlville’s Eric Andrews took charge of the race right out of the gate. Andrews, a veteran middle school runner gambled on a hot start and dragged the field with him over the first half of the race. His efforts paid off as he achieved his goal of running his best race of the year. This effort awarded him with a third place finish overall in a field of one hundred runners.

  The young boy’s team finished in fifth place overall. Each of the top five LCS runners ran their best race of the season. The future is very bright for Lynx XC!

   The times for both races are posted to the right.


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