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Five Town Little League


Camden, Rockport, Lincolnville, Hope and Appleton.

Greetings from the Five Town Little League Board of Directors. 

We serve children living in Appleton, Camden, Hope, Lincolnville, and Rockport, ages 5-12, who seek opportunities to play organization baseball and softball while building the values of good sportsmanship and good citizenship.

We welcome your volunteering assistance and look forward to seeing you out at the park.


Rick Thackeray, Five Town Little League President  


[Jun 14 2018]   Championship Saturday and Closing Ceremony Schedule

This Saturday (June 16), we will crown our Majors Baseball and Softball League Champions and cap our seasons with a league-wide celebration at Marge Jones Park field, in Rockport.

A simple schedule follows below, but please know -- we invite players from all Minors, Tee Ball, and Majors division teams to join in this celebration of an amazing season.  After the morning games, we will hold a Cook-Out.  Free hot-dogs and lemonade for everyone, and other Concession Stand items (burgers, soda, chips, candy) will be available for purchase.  We ALSO invite folks to bring Pot Luck item  (cookies, desserts, salads, veggies, chips) of their choice.

We also pay tribute to our graduating 12 year olds.  The sweatshirt presentation is always a touching moment.  We hope you will circle around and celebrate our girls and boys who formally move on from their Little League experience.

Five Town Little League

Championship Saturday and Closing Ceremony

8:45     Concession Stand opens

9:00     CedarWorks vs. EBS – Majors Softball Championship Game 1

  • Player Introductions and National Anthem immediately before first pitch

9:30     Rotary vs. (winner of McCormick’s vs. Lincolnville F.D.) – Majors Baseball Championship Game 1

  • Player Introductions and National Anthem immediately before first pitch

10:30   Grills Lit for League-wide Cookout

11:00-11:30 (approx.) Games end and Cookout begins

12:00 noon (approx..)  Closing Ceremony begins

  • Introduction of Minors Coaches and Teams
  • Recognition of Majors Coaches and Medal Presentation to Teams placed 3-5
  • Recognition of graduating 12 year-olds and presentation of sweatshirts
  • Trophy Presentation to Championship Winners and Runners-up (if applicable)

1:00 p.m. (if necessary) Championship Game(s) 2

  • Only if Consolation Round teams prevail in Championship Game(s) 1

TBD  Home Run Derby

[Apr 25 2018]   Field Clean-Up Day -- April 28

Saturday, April 28, is FIELD CLEAN-UP / WORK DAY for all of our baseball and softball groups. We need all hands on deck! We need all players’ families to assist and make sure our fields to be in playing shape in time for next week’s opening day! Please bring rakes, edging spades, shovels, hoes, yard waste bags, and wheelbarrows!

The Marge Jones Field Work Day will take place on Saturday, April 28, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

The True Park Field Work day will take place on Saturday, April 28, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

See you on Saturday!

[Apr 25 2018]   Opening Day Celebration -- May 5

Our 2018 Opening Day Celebration will take place at Marge Jones Field on Saturday, May 5. The Concessions Stand will be open all day! (Talk with your team parent to volunteer to work a shift!)

The day will begin with games at 9 am, with Rotary matched with Lincolnville Fire Department on the baseball diamond and CedarWorks taking on EBS on the softball field.

The Opening Day Ceremony will start at/about 11:00 am after the games, with formal introduction of all of our players (Tee Ball, Minors, and Majors - Baseball and Softball) on the field. Players will recite the Little League pledge, the National Anthem will be played, and a representative of our honored sponsors, the Camden Rotary Club, will throw out the first pitch.

Following the ceremony, our Concessions Crew will have the grills running and BBQing to their hearts content — join us for lunch!

The day will be capped by Knoxers taking on McCormick's with first pitch soon after the ceremonies wrap.

Cross your fingers for good weather, and join us for a great day of soft/baseball!

[Apr 09 2018]   Tee Ball Coaches Meeting - April 26

The Tee Ball Coaches will meet on Thursday, April 26, from 6:30-7:30 p.m., at Camden-Rockport Elementary School.

At this meeting, we will identify coaching pairings and distribute players among the 7-8 teams we end up fielding.  We will also discuss Tee Ball safety and tips on how to run your games.  If you are volunteering to help with coaching,  you are required to attend this meeting.

For more information, please contact Todd Mackey ( or Rick Thackeray ( 


[Apr 09 2018]   2018 Tee Ball Registration still open

Choose "Active Seasons," choose "Tee Ball," and let the magic guide you ....

[Apr 02 2018]   Majors Baseball and Triple A Minors Baseball Registration Closed

Please note that registration for the 2018 Majors Baseball and Triple A Minors Baseball seasons is now closed.

Response to our Triple A registration outreach was extremely positive.  Numbers are such that we cannot make our team rosters any bigger without compromising the quality of the experience for our players who have registered.

Double A Minors Registration is still open to interested 7-9 year-olds, but will close when we register our 44th player or on Friday, April 13 -- whichever happens first. 

To register for Double A Minors, please follow this direct link: or choose "active seasons" from the Baseball main page.   

For more information, please email Todd Mackey ( or Peter Rollins ( 

[Feb 13 2018]   FTLL Facebook Page

Follow Five Town Little League on Facebook for in-season updates and highlights.

[Feb 12 2018]   Parental Code of Conduct

We have posted our Parental Code of Conduct in the right column and made it a part of our Consent/Waiver/Release during registration. Please read it carefully in order to understand our requirements.

[Feb 12 2018]   Registration Fees

The FTLL Board of Directors voted to adopt a modest increase in our registration fees effective for the 2018 season, to track with cost of living increases and to improve our programs by funding much-needed equipment replacements. 

Major League Baseball and Major League Softball:  $75.00

Minor Softball and Minors Baseball ("Triple A" and "Double A"):  $50.00

Tee Ball:  $30.00

Please feel free to contact FTLL President, Rick Thackeray if you have any questions or otherwise wish to discuss this:

[Apr 24 2017]   2018 Opening Day -- Saturday, May 5

Please join us for our big 2018 season kick-off on Saturday, May 5, 2017 at Marge Jones field, in Rockport.

The festivities kick-off with early Majors Softball and Baseball games, starting at 9:30 a.m.  The snack shack will be open at 9:30 a.m., with the grills getting fired up around 11:00 a.m.  Please contact Cheryl LeBlond if you would like to help out with the grilling or anything else at the concessions stand. --

Around 12 noon, we will begin assembling for the Opening Day Ceremonies.  All of our players and coaches, from tee ball, baseball, and softball, will be introduced onto the field.  Our local Boy Scouts group will present the colors and the National Anthem played by a group of our student-athlete-musicians.  Our players will all take the Little League pledge.  We will honor our long-standing Little League sponsors, the Camden Rotary Club, whose President will throw out the first pitch of 2018.

After the ceremonies, we have more baseball and softball action afoot.

Come one, come all, and PLAY BALL!!!


Scholarships for all Appleton players will be funded through the Jeff Landwehr Memorial. Please contact Ken Butler for more information or visit the facebook page for the memorial.

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